Tree of light



„No. ThREE“ is around 12 feet, or 4 metres high.

It adds spectacle to the gardens of beach homes and country mansions, to open urban spaces and city parks.
They activate and energise dance clubs, celebrations and festivals. The subtle evolving glow of TUMU AMA in the darkening night, will fascinate guests dining in.

You will obtain the most wonderful moods
by designing and programming
your own individual colour composition
with your computer or cell phone.

But also most suitable for parties and club nights.
The lamp lights up to the rhythm of the music.

Tumu Ama (The Tree of Light) and its formation


Colors, shapes, light and playing with materials have always fascinated me and have accompanied me through my life.

With Tumu Ama,  the “Tree of Light” has begun a journey that is exciting and promising. There are no limits to the variety of designs. The customer can bring in his wishes and ideas and help shape them.

The emergence of Tumu Ama  started with death; the death of a tree that had to give way during construction work. Out of the desire to breathe new life into the beautiful trunk with its enormous roots, the idea arose to build a lamp out of it. Weeks and months passed before the trunk was dismantled and reassembled. It was my intention that the trunk should glow from within and that everything around it should be bathed in a diffuse light. But shortly before completion, the first signs of decomposition could be seen on the wood. I had underestimated how quickly natural objects weather and deteriorate. Until then, the love for this idea, the idea of a gigantic garden lamp with the look of a tree, was so great that I began to recreate the bark and roots. This time, however, made of materials that would defy the temperatures and the weather. This is how “Phoenix” was created with a height of 3.60 m.


The response to this first lamp was so positive that the desire arose to optimize the lamp. “Phoenix” is very impressive, but unfortunately it could be dismantled. The successor model should make up for this shortcoming. In 2015 I started a second version. Out of the desire to conceive a somewhat bolder version, “White Summer” was created, with an enormous height of 4.10 m and a diameter of 3.40 m, but here too, over time, the first signs of disharmony due to temperature changes to recognize the materials.

White Summer

It was further improved. With the experiences I had made with “Phoenix” and “White Summer” over the past few years, a new picture emerged in my head. The newest lamp should be a mix of its predecessors and contain all the positive characteristics of its ancestors. The hour of birth of “No. ThREE “with a height of 3.75 m. New LED technologies enabled a significantly higher light intensity and a fascinating play of colors. In addition, functionality and weather resistance are now perfect, as only materials are used that are optimally matched to each other.

My lamps are suitable for large areas and let villas, clubs, hotels, golf courses, company premises, public areas and restaurants shine in a very special light.

A tree of light is always a source of joy and conversation wherever it is found.

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